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BluesBaby AMPS

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Gibson ES345 Stereo-Mono Cables

Play your stereo
ES-345 into a normal mono amp


Speaker 'Y' Splitter Cables

For amps with only one speaker output



'All-In-One' FX Send/Return Cables


Award-Session is Internet Only

For security reasons, we do not take orders over the telephone. Giving your personal & card details via the phone is NOT secure!

If you want to contact us,
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BluesBaby Python Model

We've added some new finish options to the BluesBaby amps!

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Celestion Speakers

We stock a limited range of Celestion Speakers

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New Switchable High Headroom BB45/HH versions now online!

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Award-Session makes it easy for you to
create your own custom looking amp!


Standard Cables

Brilliant cables for less... ignor at your cost!

Straight or Angled Jack Versions - Less than 100pf/metre
capacitance for really bright treble response

We believe they are better than you can buy in your local music store costing twice as much. With Neutrk jacks as in the video above... you just can't go wrong with these!

Dear Music Teacher, Most cables fail because of poor internal 'strain relief' protection... these WON'T suffer that problem. Your pupils will find breaking them difficult!

Professional performance too!


Tutorial: How To Coil Cables

This video may help you prevent early cable failures and enable
many, many years of perfect service. Thank you for watching


Due to continuing product improvement, the features and the design
are subject to change without notice

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Most product questions can be answered by our web pages...

PLEASE search them before asking via email and slowing our Customer Service response times

Thank you for your kind support!

The Manuals page contains schematics too. For educational publications,
please go to GearTalk page

For ALL spares, please go to the Accessories page


Award Session Guitar Amp SOS

Want your SESSIONETTE amp
or pedal repaired?

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RetroTone Upgrade

Give your old 1980s Sessionette:75 combo a classic 'Old School' tone.
Rich 'on-the-edge' bluesy tones that'll put many 'all tube' amps to shame.
Upgrade designed by Stewart Ward, the original Sessionette designer

More Info, Demos & Prices here

Cleartone CablesSteve Winwood chose
ClearTone Custom Cables
for his Madison Square Garden Concert with Eric Clapton







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