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Semi-Custom Build

BigDog cabinets are made to a pre-set design, but can be made with custom size control panel cut-outs.  Finishes, the number and size of speakers able to be installed can be specified too


EVERY BigDog cabinet is:

62.2W X 52.2H X *23.5/26D (24.5” x 20.5” x *9.25/10.25”)

*There is a 2.5cm/1" slope on the front

Max Chassis size: 58.3W x 16.5H cm. Take care to ensure nothing collides with the installed speakers!

Can be ordered to accept 5E3 to 5F6 Fender and clone chassis - a custom control panel cutout will be required in many cases

What's Included

Strap Handle, 4 x feet, backs, mounting hardware kit (nuts, bolts and washers).  Speakers, reverb tray and amp chassis are not included

How Long Is Delivery

We generally aim to DESPATCH within two weeks … that’s an estimate.

We don’t send progress emails but, of course, you can enquire

Speaker Facts

Vibrating speakers create harmonics mechanically that pickups or any other component cannot, so are hugely influential on the amp’s tonal outcome

So, rather than spending £100s on replacing pickups, hardware and electronics on your guitar, explore how much more effective a bigger cabinet and different speakers will be in helping your tone in a much more positive way

Why not use pine?

Pine can be quite resonant, but not always at a good frequency band, so the final tone quality is not predictable

Even with pine cabinets, the speaker baffle board and back panels have to be made from birch ply

Birch ply offers ultimate strength and rigidity

There is no chipboard used in the construction at all.  Only birch ply and select hardwoods just like the early Vox® cabinets from the 1950s

Mortice & Tenon Joints...

have been used around the world for hundreds of years to join pieces of wood.  A mortise and tenon joint is simple and strong... just like Les Paul neck joints!


We think
BigDog Cabinets represent excellent value!


Empty Guitar Speaker Cabinets

BluesBaby black mo0del

Without its 1 x 12" speaker

STEWARD® 'BigDog'™ Classic Size Empty Upgrade Cabinets

Instant fit for Fender's Blues Junior® chassis or Session BluesBaby® 22 or 45 chassis

Ideal for kit builders! Can be adapted for use with many other Fender® or Marshall® amp chassis too!

Speaker options: 1x12", 1x15", 2x10" & 2x12"

Price range: £299 to £314 + £15 UK delivery

BUILT TO ORDER - Please allow 2-4 weeks for despatch
Speakers and reverb tray not included

BluesBaby black mo0del

BluesBaby black mo0del

BluesBaby 22/45 back panel shown

BigDog Cabinet Range Specifications

  • Made using 18mm 13-ply birch plywood - Very robust!

  • Outside Dimensions: 62.2 x 52.2 x 23.5/26cm -
    slanting front

  • Supplied complete with all mounting hardware, strap handle and feet... but without speakers or reverb tray

  • Drop in a Blues Junior or BluesBaby 22 or 45 chassis

  • Ready covered - Superior US Kayhide (Tolex)

  • Custom finishes are available at extra cost - see at the foot of this page

Please bare with us... Unlike 'ordinary' websites, Award-Session's offers many custom options... This makes our website a little text heavy at first viewing and that can mean lots of reading - at the annoyance of many website designers! We hope you will come to appreciate our high level of attention to detail

Any questions? Please email us


BJr & BB Combo Cabinet Ordering Section

Empty Blues Junior amps - Order here
Superior US Kayhide (Tolex) covered:
505-BJ-112-BlackTolex Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
505-BJ-212-BlackTolex Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
505-BJ-210-BlackTolex Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
505-BJ-115-BlackTolex Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart

Empty BluesBaby 22 or 45 amps - Order here
Superior US Kayhide (Tolex) covered:
505-BB-112-BlackTolex Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
505-BB-212-BlackTolex Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
505-BB-210-BlackTolex Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
505-BB-115-BlackTolex Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart

For upgrade to Tweed covering & Oxblood Grille add this to your purchase: £50.00 - Add to Cart

The amp back panel for BluesBaby is different from the Blues Junior

Other covering by request. There may be an extra charge to cover shipping, management time and the cost of the covering depending on what it is.
Please ask for a quote


Order Your Cabinet With A
Custom Control Panel Cutout Here

We can route out the control panel aperature for you. A PDF format drawing sent to us by email is always the best way if it's not one of the standard types mentioned

There is a small charge of £15 included in the price for this service to cover our time and tooling wear

5E3, Pro Junior, Deluxe Reverb... so many could be fitted to 505 Cabinets!

Don't let the prospects of making your own cabinet put you off building a tube amp kit? 505 Cabinets are the perfect finishing touch for many amp projects!

Before giving us your dimensions, don't forget to add 8mm for the back panel fitted to the chassis, as in the image below. Example: for the Blues Junior, that dimension would be 44mm + 8mm = 52mm. Allow a small overlap so that the chassis is about 5mm deeper into the cabinet than the cutout

When you are ready, please order an extension cabinet from the list below. We will cut out the control panel opening to the dimensions you have provided

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the cutout dimensions provided are correct. We will not accept responsibility for errors given to us

If you want to cut your own control panel cutout, then please order * in the Uncovered section below

Special 'Control CutOut' Combo Cabinet - Order here
Superior US Kayhide (Tolex) covered:
505-SP-112-BlackTolex Cabinet: £314.00 - Add to Cart
505-SP-212-BlackTolex Cabinet: £314.00 - Add to Cart
505-SP-210-BlackTolex Cabinet: £314.00 - Add to Cart
505-SP-115-BlackTolex Cabinet: £314.00 - Add to Cart

For upgrade to Tweed covering & Oxblood Grille add this to your purchase: £50.00 - Add to Cart

Other covering by request. There may be an extra charge to cover shipping, management time and the cost of the covering depending on what it is.
Please ask for a quote


Order Extension Speaker Cabinets

Please order from the selection below if you just want a matching Extension Speaker Cabinet

Matching Empty Extension Cabinets - Order here
Superior US Kayhide (Tolex) covered:

505-XT-112-BlackTolex Ext Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
505-XT-212-BlackTolex Ext Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
505-XT-210-BlackTolex Ext Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
505-XT-115-BlackTolex Ext Cabinet: £299.00 - Add to Cart
There is no top control panel cutout with this version.

BlackTolex = Ready covered in black Bronco Tolex and black stained inside.

For upgrade to Tweed covering & Oxblood Grille add this to your purchase: £50.00 - Add to Cart


Custom Coverings & Speaker Grille Cloths

Other coverings by request. There will be an extra charge to cover shipping, management time and the cost of the covering and grille cloths depending on what they are and where they come from

Typical coverings shown here:

Tweed covering is likely to be one of the most expensive

Please send us a specification of what you would like by email and we'll send you a quote if the coverings/grilles are available

All trade marks acknowledged.
Award-Session has no affiliation with their owners

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Get More Warmth, Dynamics and Satisfaction From Your Little Fender®

Steward’s new 'BigDog' combo cabinets can transform your ‘little’ Fender® amp’s tone simply by using a larger cabinet format. Just remove the chassis and install it into a 'BigDog' cabinet!

As most guitarists know, a larger cabinet gives your tone a bigger dimension, more warmth and greater personal satisfaction.  So, owning a small combo does not have to mean being confined to a small cabinet ‘boxy’ tone any longer.
Fender Blues Junior® - For example… Why not drop a Fender ‘Blues Junior™’ chassis into one of our BigDog ‘BJr’ cabinets, enabling it to tonally compete with amps costing much more?  If you have one of these amps and, like many, you feel it sounds boxy and a little lacking in tonal depth, then one of our cabs will be an amazing upgrade for it. 

It’s no bother... the control panel cut-out is the right size… all the mounting holes are pre-drilled and the speaker mounting hardware is already installed too.  It’s simple... Just transfer the electronic chassis, reverb tray and fit the speaker(s) of your choice and boom... big tone heaven is with you!

The ‘BigDog’ is our superb ‘classic sized’ 13 ply birch cabinet - no MDF or chipboard/particleboard here!

Our ‘semi-custom’ BigDog combo cabinets can be ordered un-covered or ready finished in USA made Kayhide ‘Bronco’ vinyl.

Of course, many other amps would benefit from a BigDog Cabinet upgrade too... so get in touch and let's chat via email


Meet our designer... a gigging player since 1963

Stewart Ward

Stewart Ward is a working guitarist who designs all products from scratch and from a gigging viewpoint. Seen here with his favourite guitar, a 1963 Fender Telecaster.


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