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Schematic Availability

Session Amplifiers was sold in 1989 to Axession Ltd. That company ceased trading eleven months later. Award-Session took back the name in 1991, but unfortunately, many of the manuals & schematics original drawings had been lost by this time.

We are still keeping an eye open for some that are missing. If you think you have any, then please email us a digital copy. It will be much appreciated.


Award-Session Support

Manuals are provided for Session & Award-Session products. You should refer to the manual provided with your product before contacting us for support. If you need a manual please click on the links below to download the document you require:


Sorry, if it is not listed... then we do not have it!


Circuit Diagrams (Schematics)

Sorry, if it is not listed... then we do not have it!

Known Fault Fixes

Fading Signal - This is usually caused by the FX LOOP 'Return Jack'. To quickly establish if this is the case, simply insert a guitar cable into the FX Send and FX Return. If this cures the problem, then take the amplifier to a qualified repairer for further investigation

Amplifier Modifications:

All our other educational publications have moved to the GearTalk page


You may need to right-click and select 'save target as' option to download

If you need to download a Free Adobe .PDF Reader, click on the link below:

Award Session. Welcome to Amplifiers - PreAmps - Pickups - Speakers - Guitars - Accessories

DIY Repairs
Legal Notice

Award-Session is a small friendly company which is always pleased to help customers wherever possible.  However, legislation and legal situations often mean we cannot help in the ways you might expect, as we may have done in past years.

This is because of conditions imposed upon us by our insurers, so we can no longer offer help with DIY amp repairs.

There are high voltages inside your amplifier which pose a health & safety risk.

We are obliged to advise you to take the faulty item to a qualified and insured repairer for professional advice and remedy

We supply spare parts on the basis that the purchaser is a qualified technician; or is buying them on behalf of a qualified repairer.  You can find spares here: accessories

We are not able to offer any further support in repairing your equipment.

Alternatively, you can send the item to us for repair.  If you do send it to us, please follow the instructions here: services

We hope you are able to resolve any problems you may have soon and that you are not offended by this notice.

Keep Music Alive!




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