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Solid state & valve amps ARE pretty similar - find out how!

Open or closed back cabinets - what's the difference?


Had 'multiple' Blues Junior failures?

Good news, BB22 & BB45 will both also fit into a Fender Blues Junior cabinet without any modification needed! It is a straight swap... that simple!

If you've suffered multiple expensive failures with your BJr and have had enough, then a BluesBaby chassis 'transplant' may be your best solution!

Customers tell us that the BluesBaby has given them superior loudness and tonal quality




Our standard configuration is the BB22 or BB45 (BB) chassis housed in a black Bronco covered 13 ply birch cabinet with a Celestion V-Type or A-Type speaker at just 3.3kg each - the whole amp weighing in at around 11.5kg (25.3lbs). 10.6kg withe the Neo Creamback speaker. However, 'lightweight' does not mean flimsy!

BB is sophisticated in all respects, so the 'worn out' attitudes to non-valve amplification cannot be applied to BB! This dynamite amp truly packs a punch and easily over-shadows the valve amp which inspired it... making it a real challenge for those players who just can't or won't come around to SS guitar amplification

Spending three times as much on a hand wired boutique amp won't sound any better... plus you get more facilities and power!

Seriously... BB will see you through the complete spectrum of essential American sounds from the fifties through to the present... plus British flavours too, thanks to the Blackface/Plexi and Presence selector switches. Sparkling cleans... sprangly... chime... on-the-edge... grungy... bright... bite... cutting... all the adjectives you can think of... it's truly loaded with tonal versatiliy in a neat 100% analogue amp

BB loves pedals. Treat BB as you would any Blackface, Tweed or Plexi toned amp. Just plug in your fav' pedal loaded board and you'll be in tonal nirvana. Your sound, just like you want... without the back breaking weight of a valve amp and with the complete confidence of total reliability, gig after gig after gig...

Our unique 'ConCur™' power amps!

BB's 'ConCur™' power amp is different to any other on the market! It replicates a valve amp with slightly tired valves in the power amp stage... but minus the loss of power!

They're designed to gradually introduce PA distortion, unlike other solid state amps; and most valve amps for that matter. The early stages of its PA distortion really just compresses the sound a little, giving it a fatter tone as the volume is turned up. This also progressively reduces the dynamic range, the louder you play until, finally, the brain interprets it as distortion.

To achieve this in a valve amp, you'd have to choose an ECC81 or ECC83 with a non-linear characteristic for the 'phase splitter' stage and slightly 'soft' power valves. But, how would you know how to choose valves that will have that ability, until you try some out, then more, and more and so on! With BB22, it's there already... exactly right, and for always! It's what guitarists like... life on the edge!

BB45 does it too... just not quite as early... providing significantly more clean headroom for those who like pedals in front of their amp!

This is radical design. Transition into power amp distortion is controlled to be both smooth and musical.  For this reason, BB22 and BB45 are calibrated to operate with an 8 ohm speaker load only.

ConCur's 'Constant Current' speaker drive

This is 'THE' feature which sets BluesBaby amps apart from older solid state designs from earlier years. Read more...

Because of 'constant current' speaker drive, both amps can deliver clean headroom, tone and power equivalent of any 22 or 45 Watt valve amp fitted with a new set of valves. Both BBs perform with the same quality tone. The '45' is just louder!

Speakers have an impedance that varies with frequency, so 'constant current' drive enables the power amp to maintain constant sonic output from the speaker across the guitar's entire frequency range... like a an amp with an output transformer does, typically a valve amp

This is the same circuitry we fit to the Sessionette:75 as part of the RetroTone upgrade for that amp and has received much critical acclaim. It has given the old Sessionette:75 jaw dropping tonal ability! We have converted over one thousand Sessionetes so far and we made over 55,000... so, still a few to go yet!

Current drive creates that chime and sparkle guitarists have grown to expext from their amps. It also allows the speaker(s) cones to misbehave and add far more 'mechanical' charm to the tone... commonly called 'cone cry'. So important in producing all the classic rock tones. So much of that exciting guitar tone is down to the speaker's cones 'breaking up' under controlled stress.

Contrary to popular belief, it's not the valves that create this benefit, the output transformer and speaker conesw do! BB's solid state Restricta power amps can do it just as well as any valve amp can!

Up until recently, solid state amps did not generally feature constant current power amps. And those that did, were not designed to sound like classic amps from the nineteen sixties. BluesBaby is the first amp that you can stand next to its valve equivalent and directly compare the tone; and witness the similarities for yourself!

BB's completely at home with Blues, Jazz, Country, Rock, Jump Jive, Electric Folk, Metal or plain old Pop!

The front end distortion is also of a similar quality and absolutely free from the nasty tones that solid state amplifiers are often accused of. It is perfectly correct to view BB as a boutique amplifier in every sense... except it does not carry a boutique price tag!

Its EQ section (tonestack) works exactly like many valve (tube) amplifiers. The Master (Volume) control smoothly brings up the overall volume and will not be dishing full volume when set to only 1 on the dial, like many well known valve amps do! So low volume home noodling is made perfectly possible

BB had to be a benchmark amp in a market full of mediocre far eastern made products... with many of those famous brands still living off their reputation from yesteryear. However, with cost of Asian production rising at an alarming speed it is clearly wise, thinking of the longer term, to build our amps here in Britain! So this is what we do; and musicians would prefer 'home-grown' products built with love and pride.

Sure, BB is not cheap by comparison to those container loads dumped in the West from afar... but that simply reflects our investment in original design, forty-odd years experience, quality construction and not simply churning out copies, in disguise, of other maker's nineteen sixties amps. No... we go the originality and 'Made in Britain' road!

BB delivers top tone, loudness, reliability, and light weight at an affordable price!


Since 1979

created in britain


Why are most solid state amps much cheaper than their valve equivalents?

  • Firstly, valve amps have more and larger components to install! They are generally more expensive due to the high voltages they must work at

  • Valve amps have a lot of extra wiring as well

  • Valve amp power transformers are expensive, because they have more outputs and have to supply an output to run the valve's heaters

  • Solid state amps don't require an output transformer, which is a significant cost saving!

  • Budget solid state amps mostly have a cheap and flimsy chassis. Not BluesBaby though!

  • Both valve and solid state combos need a cabinet. BUT, solid state amps are mostly made with cheap chipboard (particle) board or MDF cabinets. Whereas valve amps usually get a better and bigger cabinet made from baltic ply or pine! Hardly a fair comparison really

  • BluesBaby has baltic ply cabinets... the same cost as a decent valve amp. The cabinet is the biggest cost item in any amp head or combo

  • Note: Fender Blues Junior, Blues Deluxe and Hotrod Deluxe series all have budget chipboard cabinets. NOT to the same standard as BluesBaby cabinets!

  • Valve and solid state combos need a speaker, but solid state amps are generally fitted with low cost speakers. BluesBaby employs the SAME grade of speakers that most valve amps will have fitted

  • Note: All speaker makers produce budget speakers too. So don't be fooled into thinking that the 'brand name' is indicative of a premium grade speaker!

  • The reverb tray is the same cost in BluesBaby as any valve amp

  • All the hardware, coverings and grille cloths are the same cost for both valve or solid state amps. As is laqbour cost to assemble them.

reverb pic

BB's power transformer and reverb tray

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