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BluesBaby 45

High res photos from the 'Guitar & Bass'
review April 2016



Solid State Guitar Amps
Finally Find Valve Amp Parity



This is the best review that any SESSION solid state amplifier has ever received.

It hints stronly, that BluesBaby 22 is as good as any similar valve amp... an accolade that no other solid state amp has ever earned. I believe that Guitar & Bass were very courageous to air their feelings so openly. After all, they have the cream of boutique valve amplifiers coming through their doors every week, so they must have been truly impressed by our little baby to be so honest!

1967 to 1980 designing valve guitar amps. 1981 to 2016 designing solid state amps... it was a long time coming! I'm not known for romantics when it comes to technolgy, but a tear or two did come to my eyes when I first read it

I'd personally like to thank Richard Purvis, Chris Vinnicombe and the G&B team for showing BluesBaby's real character to the guitar playing public. Guys... you have no idea how much this means to me. Even so, I know there will still be the 'toob' die-hards who simply 'won't' acknowledge BB

Stewart Ward - BB's designer - 2016


BluesBaby MKI in our popular Antique Reclaimed Pine finish








All the boys like a blonde! BluesBaby 22 in a timeless finish!





Original 'Bulgin' pattern knobs with 'grub screww' fitting!


BB's back panel facilities: Connecting an external speaker cuts the internal speaker off.