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Neutrik Plug Styles

These are the 'real deal' PRO plugs that touring bands, PA providers & studios use!

We DO NOT sell Neutrik's budget 'ReAn' range as Neutrik PRO product like many do!

NC3FX plug
XLRF - 3 Pin Female

Nc3MX Plug
XLRF - 3 Pin Male

NC3FRX plug
XLRFA - 3 Pin Angled

NP2X plug

JSM - ¼" Mono Jack

NP2RX plug
JAM - ¼" Angled Mono Jack

JSMS SILENT - ¼" Mono Jack

JAMS SILENT - ¼" Mono Jack

NP3X jack plug
JSS - ¼" Stereo Jack

NP3RX jack plug
JAS - ¼" Stereo Jack

Colour coded jack boots
CC Boots
10 Colours

NJ3FC6 cable socket
JCS - ¼" Stereo Inline Cable Socket

NL2FC Speakon plug
SPKN2 - Speakon

NYS373 phono plug
PNO - Phono Plug


Angled Jacks

The angled SILENT & Standard jacks are great for 335s, Les Pauls, Precision basses or any other guitars with front mounted output jack sockets.


All angled SILENT & Standard jacks will fit into the recessed output socket of a Fender® Telecaster®

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