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Gibson ES345 Stereo-Mono Cables




Summer 2020... 5E3-EXTRA

5E3-EXTRA Combo Amp

5E3-EXTRA - SESSION's Tweed Tone
'Non Mid-Cut' 6V6-tone with 2020 facilities!

2016 BluesBaby 22W or 45W

SESSION BluesBaby BluesBaby

BluesBaby Classic 1960s 'mid-cut' tone

BigDog 45W Combo

Session BigDog 45 combo

BluesBaby in a bigger cabinet


EXPAND your Fender Blues Junior's® tone...
with a STEWARD classic 1950s style cabinet

STEWARD BigDog Empty Cabinets

Large 'Blues Junior®' Cabinet

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cleartone Custom Cables

Instrument & Studio Cables Custom UK Built
Quality Second To None! Musician Friendly Prices
Guaranteed 5 Years - But Expect 10-15 Years Or More Life
Neutrik & Van damme Components

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Celestion Speakers

We stock Celestion Speakers

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Award Session Guitar Amp SOS

Award Session Guitar Amp SOScleartone lifeline logo

Award Session Guitar Amp SOS

Want your SESSION amp
or pedal repaired?

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Upgrade Your Older SESSION Amp!

RetroTone Upgrade

Give your old 1980s Sessionette:75 combo a classic 'Old School' tone. Rich 'on-the-edge' bluesy tones that'll put many 'all tube' amps to shame. Designed by Stewart Ward, the original Sessionette designer

More Info, Demos & Prices here

Rockette:30 amps now also included

Cleartone CablesSteve Winwood chose
ClearTone Custom Cables
for his Madison Square Garden Concert with Eric Clapton





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