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Please Note

We don't build amps and stock pile them. This is not efficient use of resourses.

All SESSION amps are built in date order as orders are received.

This method helps us to give you the very best value!



Since 1979


'Porkies' = London's Cockney rhyming slang: 'Porky pies' = lies!




You know it makes sense... but you may still be reticent about those transistor thingies? That worn out record again... "It'll probably be useless and never sound like a tube amp!"

But does that mean all the players that have already bought one
and say they love it are telling porkies?

Secretly though, you really need a loud, lightweight combo that won't kill your back. A 'proper looking and sounding' amp you can even carry easilly on London Transport!

You're very tempted because you know hundreds of other players have a BluesBaby... they all say they're great... everyone knows that SESSION amps do the business... look how well the Sessionette:75 did in the eighties! Transistors... get over the bull!

Until now, no other manufacturer has had the audacity to make a solid state amp that mimics a 'known' tube amp model right down to the same cabinet dimensions, chassis fixings and control panel layout. From appearances you'd think BluesBaby was a top selling American tube amp. However, there's two serious advantages...

  • In tone quality and tone modifying facilities, it can surpass the amp it's based on!

  • BluesBaby™ doesn't have 'heat bellowing' EL84 valves mounted on PCBs causing frequent expensive heat related damage and failures!

Guitar & Bass Magazine loved BluesBaby... and it stood up to ALL the boutique amps at any money! No problem.

Not just 15 Watts... it's 45 Watts! That's an AC30 more!

Costs around £143 under its American counterpart!

Brilliant pedal handling... like a Blackface amp!

The ideal back-up amp with classically good looks, tone and volume!

BluesBaby's cabinet is 100% birch ply, made in our Basingstoke workshop


'Mark Foley Guitar Pickups' FB comment...




Order this special edition of BluesBaby and you will get it...

20% lower than the custom amp's price of £465!

...and if you don't like it, just send it back for a refund!


'BluesBaby - BB45/HH' Chassis Specifications:

  • Electronics 100% as normal BB45/HH elsewhere on this website
  • High Headroom version = brilliant with 'hot' pickups & pedals!
  • White chicken head knobs = visible on dark stages!
  • Red pilot light
  • Birch ply cabinet finished in Two-Tone Black Pebble vinyl
  • 12" Celestion Seventy-80 98dB SPL* speaker
  • Accutronics triple spring reverb
  • Features our warm-toned ConCur™ 45W rms power amp module
  • Humbucking toroidal power transformer = 70% less hum pickup!
  • Price: £364 + £10 non-refundable carriage. You Pay: £374.00

*98dB SPL = Sound Pressure Level = LOUD!

AWARD-SESSION products are economical... but NEVER cheap!



BB45/HH-112-SE 1 x 12" 45W Two-Tone Black Limited Edition Combo - Price: £374.00 - Includes £10 non refundable UK shipping - Add to Cart

Please allow 4 weeks for despatch. They are all built as ordered.

When you need a LOUD lightweight combo that sounds like it was born in 1959, that you can carry on a London bus, then you'll just have to buy a BluesBaby!


BluesBaby... THE proper city amp!


Other finishes & options available at extra cost


Award Session. Welcome to Amplifiers - PreAmps - Pickups - Speakers - Guitars - Accessories

Offer Conditions

This offer is LIMITED!

It WILL end on
30th April 2017

There are NO alternative options available. It is strictly LIMITED to the model specifications as advertised on this page, sorry

Intended returns must be notified to Award-Session by email within 30 days of receipt of the order

Outward carriage portion of the price (£10) is not refundable

Return carriage must be paid by the customer

Offer applies to UK mainland residents only

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