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For Sale:
1984 Sessionette:75
1x12" MosFet Model

BB22-112-country&western/wheatgrille cabinet

BB22-112-country&western/wheatgrille cabinet

The back-bone of London's 1980s/90s pub-gig scene!

Also used in nearly all of London's Musical Theatres, so you've heard them many more times than you may think! Including 'Starlight Express' for seventeen years! And yes, they're on most of the recordings and YouTube clips too!

The Sessionette set the standard and is still in demand as a go-to very dependable loud gutar amp. Can compete with a Twin Reverb at most gigs. Sessionettes dish a 'mean hairy ride' when provoked!

This 1984 example has seen gigging, but is very tidy. Standard black covering with fishnet grille cloth front

BB22-112-country&western/wheatgrille cabinet

These are absolutely brilliant with pedals and can do anything you'd expect from a typical 75W amp... except break down

Sessionettes can be heard on many records from the era and like many a classic valve amp, are just as good today at nailing that classic range of tones required by todays players

It's RetroToneUpgrade has reduced it's circuit noise,
given it a true 'tube amp response' and provided
a very useful global 'Presence Control'

1980s Hits Clip

If weight/space is a problem, but you don't want to give up 'the classic tones' then perhaps this is the perfect time for 'transition to serious solid state benefits'. You'll be truly amazed by its warm mild toned manner... nothing like what you might expect from a cheap SS practice amp

Guitar & plant not included

BB22-112-country&western/wheatgrille cabinet

    • MkI Model 75 Watts rms - great with pedals

    • New Celestion 80W speaker

    • New MosFet RetroTone™ Power Module

    • Triple spring Accutronics reverb

    • Humbucking power transformer...
      ideal with P-90 equipped guitars for 75% less hum pickup

    • Presence pot on back

    • FX Loop - Doubles as a Line Input,
      great with modeller pedals

    • External Speaker Jack

    • New handle and corners

    • Fully serviced and upgraded to RetroTone™ Level.

    • Comes with our usual six months warranty


Status: SOLD

Price: £325 Delivered by DHL



Looking for a Sessionette:75?

Over 55,000 were made, so there should be plenty still available! Quite a few can be in nice clean condition, as they are often used as 'bedroom' amps only!

We RetroTone upgrade about five a week for our customers
,so they are still very popular amps!



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Sessionette:75 1st Prototype + 15:30 Studio Combo
Regularly seen on the London Pub Music scene throughout
the 80s & 90s!

1980s Hits Clip


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