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How To Send Your Sessionette...

Please take into account we are a very small company. But, with your help, we can be as efficient as reasonably expected in today's 24-7-365 world!

  • Sending us your Sessionette:75 amplifier: Please remove the chassis section from the combo cabinet, see instructions link on the left.

  • Carefully package with a short note of the problems and what you want done. Include the return address, your email address and send to: Award-Session, 34 Belvedere, Basingstoke, RG24 8GB, UK.

  • NON UK RESIDENTS: State clearly on the OUTSIDE and Customs declaration, that the item is being 'RETURNED FOR REPAIR/SERVICE' to help avoid UK Customs charges!

  • DO NOT CONSTRUCT CUSTOM PACKAGING! We use your packaging for the return of your amplifier, so pack it securely in a carton fit for two journeys. Please do not use bubble wrap covered with brown paper and gaffa tape!!! If it is not adequate, in our opinion, we will charge for new suitable packaging.

  • Please DO NOT COVER YOUR PARCEL with gaffa or packing tape! It will NOT make the package any stronger! Plus, it causes our personnel risk of injury having to cut your package open with sharp Stanley knives, also it will destroy the packaging completly

  • We do not open parcels until we are ready to work on them! Sadly, opened parcels take up too much precious storage space!

  • To confirm your parcel has arrived... please use the TRACKING facility provided by your carrier. Please do NOT email us!

  • We do not need to know what type of guitar, pickups or effects you use. The amplifier's use history is also not required. We do not have time to read long notes, sorry.

  • Please do not send the mains cable or foot switch, unless you suspect a problem with either.

  • Please note, we cannot accept liability for any damage caused or loss whilst in transit to us.

  • We will contact you once the service is completed and ask you to pay by credit/debit card. Sorry, we do not accept PayPal, cheques, postal orders or cash for security reasons. You can pay using your credit card via the secure website checkout too, by going to:

  • Shipping companies: You might want to give this company a try... Parcel2Go. Book and pay online and the courier collects from your home or work place, or you can take it to a drop-off location!

  • We have no affiliation with Parcel2Go at all. There are other similar shipping comparison websites too. We cannot accept any liability for damage or loss whilst your item is with any carrier.


We no longer offer
a telephone HelpLine

It has become impossible for us to answer the many hundreds of marketing calls we receive which adds greatly to our operating costs

We hope you will understand our position and contact us by email for any update enquiries or other

Email us:

Thank you


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