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All our used Sessionette amplifiers are
sold with a six month warranty

Condition Ratings

A+ - Nearly New
- Very Good, some ware marks.
B - Good for its age.
C - Quite worn but reliable.
D - Tatty cosmetically, but electronically reliable

All are serviced and RetroTone upgraded

Amplifiers are CONSERVED. We DO NOT restore them cosmetically, other than a clean-up and fit new corners and handles where appropriate.

Some customers
have the cabinets recovered by specialists



The very best & most reliable 'old school' sounding solid state guitar amps since 1981!

C1985 Black Sessionette 112
with RetroTone upgrade

 Customer's Sessionettes

Image is of a similar Sessionette

All original but with MosFet power amp module. Celestion G12K 85 (loud!) speaker. This amp can nearly outdo a Twin Reverb!

Accutronics reverb. Condition 'A' shows signs of natural use, but not abused in any way. New corners, speaker grille, handle and feet. FULLY serviced and RetroTone upgraded. Six months warranty

No foot switch or 'RetroTone' badge, but you can buy a compatible foot switch here:

Sold out, but more on the way - sorry

Pleasel email us with your enquiries for similar amps, as they come and go very quickly!

Click to hear demo of a similar RetroToned Sessionette


Don't forget, you can obtain a Sessionette amp from a local dealer or eBay and then have it upgraded by us!


Over 55,000 were made, so there should be plenty still available! Quite a few can be in nice clean condition, as they are often used as home or 'bedroom' amps only!



Recently Sold


A+ Example sold for £359 + carr inc foot switch


A+ Example sold for £325 + carr inc foot switch


Buying used Sessionettes

Over 55,000 made between
1981 & 1988!

Fact... There is no one making a small, easily transportable, loud combo that has a truly classic 'old school' tone and is made to professional standards!

Old School Tone: Unlike most modern amps, the EQ is 'pre' distortion. This means the EQ'd sound is distorted much like an amp turned up too loud, where the distortion is created in the power amp. This is how the old blues players got their guitar sound!

Sessionette is a high quality 'tranny' amp. The cost reflects that fact once upgraded, but you have to also take into account the quality of tone and its price will be offset by NOT having to buy replacement valves/tubes... ever!

Transistors do not change the tone with age. Its tone today, will be the same for its whole life time!

If you are buying a Sessionette off eBay, please remember to ask the following basic questions:

Q: RetroTone II upgraded Sessionettes have a yellow label outside next to the AC inlet socket and inside the chassis - stating the date and job number! No label = not upgraded! Ask for photo evidence.

Q: Does it come with the original footswitch?

Q: Does the reverb work?

Q: Which speaker is fitted? It should be a Celestion G12 80 or G12K 85 8 ohms for a 1x12". A few very late 1987+ amps had a custom Fane 8 ohms speaker with no label on it.

Q: 2 x Celestion G10S 50 16 ohms for the 2 x 10" version. The 2 x 12" model had Celestion G12S 50s 16 ohms installed. Anything else is NOT original!

Q: Is it in normal working condition?

Q Is there any hum in the background? There should not be!

It is rare for the power transformer to be faulty. Other than replacing any of the components listed above, the cost of repair is likely to be quite reasonable.

Some are offered as 'Serviced by Award-Session.' This DOES NOT mean it was RetroTone II upgraded as well. There were no RetroTone II upgrades carried out prior to January 2012.

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